9M Super Heavy Duty Compressor Nebulizer / Steam Inhaler / Steamer.

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Durable Piston Nebulizer With Thermal Protection
Fast & Efficient Respiratory Therapy
Safe for all Ages
One Year Manufacturer Warranty



f you have asthma, your doctor may prescribe a nebulizer as treatment, or breathing therapy. The device delivers the same types of medication as metered-dose inhalers (MDIs), which are the familiar pocket-sized inhalers, but works differently. Nebulizers may be easier to use than MDIs, especially for children who aren’t old enough to properly use inhalers, or adults with severe asthma. A nebulizer turns liquid medicine into a mist to help treat your asthma. They come in electric or battery-run versions. They also come in a larger size that???s meant to sit on a table and plug into a wall, and a smaller size you can carry with you. Both are made up of a base that holds an air compressor, a small container for liquid medicine, and a tube that connects the air compressor to the medicine container. Above the medicine container is a mouthpiece or mask you use to inhale the mist.


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