Ultrasound Fetal Doppler

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High quality and big power output.

Rechargeable battery: 2 hours continuous working time.

Real-time FHR display

Automatically power off at set-time.

FHR overrun alarm

6 Months Warranty Only Device
2 Day Return Policy




Fetal doppler TX188 is a basic hand-held obstetrical unit, which is designed to meet routine examination for the pregnant in hospital, clinic and home. It adopts ultrasound technique to detect fetal heart rate from as early as 18 weeks of pregnancy to the baby’s first moment of life.
1 Proble: 3 or 2MHz

2 DSP technology , more advanced and accurate.

3 High quality and big power output.

4 Rechargeable battery: 4hours continuous working time.

5 Real-time FHR display

6 Automatically power off at set-time.

7 FHR overrun alarm


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