O.T. Care ( Fumigator )

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Seller :Surgicalemart

Available in 1.5 Lt. or 3 Lt. made of all S.S. material. Unpack the equipment and check the functioning by plugging it into a 3 pin 5 Amps 230 V electrical socket. Ascertain the dos”age required for the room to be disinfected. Place ”OT Fumigator” inside the operation theatre.




Production Description

Plug in the unit”s main cord into a 3 pin, 5 Amp, 230V, electrical Sockete or use automatic timer. Switch on the ”OT Fumigator” and allow it to run for 30 minutes thens with switch. Which must be provided outside the operation theatr switch it off. Wait for 6 hours and open the room before re-using the room, exhaust remaining fumes if any by switching on the fan / exhaust of the window and airconditioner.


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