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Rent Product Terms & Conditions

EQUIPMENT SUBJECT TO LEASE- Whatever hospital or clinic equipment will rent, it must follow the terms and conditions within this agreement.

PAYMENT TERMS- The rent is based on use of the equipment for one shift (i.e. 8 hours per shift). If the equipment is used beyond this, 80% of the rent is debited paid in addition at the second shift and 60% of the rent at the third shift. The rent runs from the date when the rental equipment is sent from SURGICALEMART, or from the date of agreed pick-up. The rental period runs up to and including the date on which the equipment is returned to the hirer-out’s department. Rent is also calculated during the holiday period if the equipment is not returned.

SECURITY DEPOSIT- In addition to the rental fee, the hospital/clinic will have to pay a security deposit amount before receiving any equipment. This deposit amount applies against any outstanding balance and damage Surgicalemart reserves the right to apply this deposit amount against any balance or damage If no fees are due, this security deposit amount will be refunded to the hospital/clinic.

LEASE TERMS- Equipment rental will start from that time when the device will be received/signature by the doctor in the hospital/clinic and Rent agreement will include both its signature and time. To end the rental agreement limit, contact customer care number and informed the surgicalemart team member.

LOCATIONS- The equipment shall be located at [CUSTOMER ADDRESS] during the term of this Agreement, and shall not be removed from that equipment location without prior written consent.

CARE AND OPERATION- The equipment may only be used and operated in a careful and proper manner.

Surgicalemart will not be responsible for equipment malfunctioning during surgery, because this is electronics device which may be bad at any time Nevertheless, The doctor must always have a backup plan, the doctor must keep a standby machine.

TAXES & FEES- During the term of this equipment rental agreement, surgicalemart will received Government tax and payment amount from hospital/clinic.

ALTERATIONS – Surgicalemart shall make no alterations to the equipment without prior written consent of the surgicalemart.

RETURNED CHECKS & MAINTENANCE REPAIR- Device return check is very important If the hospital says that leaving the device then in that case the hospital will be responsible for the damage to the equipment. Then 40% of the service charge be given to the hospital 60% percent will pay the company If there is a member of a surgicalemart company there, then the complete responsibility of the surgicalemart company.

OPTION TO RENEW- If the hospital/clinic is not in default upon the expiration of this, the Lessee shall the option to renew this Lease for a similar term on such terms as the Parties agree upon.

DEFAULT- The occurrence of any of the following shall constitute a default under this Agreement: The failure to make a required payment under this Agreement when due.

The violation of any other provision or requirement that is not corrected within [TIME FRAME] day(s) after written notice of the violation is given.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY- The limitations of surgicalemart are nothing. Surgicalemart just want a service opportunity, which is always obliged to fully co-operate its customer.